We're A Data Company First

What does it take to be on top of scouting? Data.  We are data people first. And our clients know it. That's why we offer our DataScout services to anyone looking to acquire, manage and analyze data.  Artificial Intelligence is at our core and data is the 'oxygen' that makes AI work. We understand how difficult it is to bring datasets together inside of the enterprise. Also it's likely you don't have all of the data you need to make AI work for you. This is where we come in. Ask us how we can help you to enrich your data sources, manage the data you have and do the analysis to deliver insights that will change your business.

Acquire & Enrich

You may not have all of the data you need to do meaningful analysis or find useful patterns. Whether you want to build a machine learning app or get insights to target customers and prospects with intelligence, it's likely you will need to enhance the data you already have. We'll help you to acquire or collect the data you need to create meaningful insights. Enriched data is more detailed and is a key part of building intelligence about your business, especially customers and prospects.

Manage & Optimize

Most of the value of your data may be lost in data sets that are in various silos around the company, never to be connected. A data strategy is important to ensure that you don't miss important insights. Optimization is key to getting a total customer picture, understand trends, create insights about operations or even do competitive bench-marking. We'll help you put a data strategy in place to quickly give structure to enterprise data and plan where you can enhance data to solve business challenges now and in the future.

Analytics & Insights

All data work needs to lead to the application of analytics and the interpretation of the results. Analytics is the discovery of patterns and trends gleaned from your data. Data is useless without analytics. Analytics is how you make sense of your data. What can your data tell you about your customers or your operations? Insights are the the value obtained through the use of analytics. Insights should be actionable and prescriptive. This is how you grow your business with intelligence.