The Edge startup team of experts
The EDGE team of experts in an applied field
"It's like having my own personal emerging technology advisory group"   - Dana, CPG Company

About The EDGE Program

In 9 months from now who will lead the pack in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or Chatbots?

What should you do about it?

The Edge Leadership program will help you stay on top of every move in a particular emerging tech industry each step of the way. Helping you to create your own point of view and to make key connections to potential startup partners. It's like having your own, special team of experts to help you throughout the year.

We find the best, up-and-coming startups, industry experts, research and products. We bring them together each quarter for a live, online event. You get access to our hand selected participants to ask questions, send ideas or generally learn how they believe the trend lines will move. Any time during the year! It's your all year 'sounding board' as well as the best way to get close to those making the biggest moves in the tech industry.

Why are we so good at scouting these stars of an industry?  It's our platform!  Using artificial intelligence and big data we find the best matches to any emerging technology or business model.

The Scout EDGE Program

     * Quarterly Live Online Events – with 5 Curated Startups

     * You have access to ask questions of our selected experts at any time during the year

     * Participate in the events online or get the materials to playback any time

     * Total of 20 curated startups per year

     * Access to the Innovation Scout Platform

     * ScoutBot automated Bot for ongoing intelligence about your topic right in your email

     * An Annual report about the topic area giving you insight direct from those who are building and working in the market

You need an edge by understanding what is happening, why it’s happening and what you can do about it. The EDGE Program is the only way to get real-time information directly from a curated community of experts: Startups and experts working in that industry or technology.