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How Can You Move at The Speed of The Market?

It's all about having a process to move ideas. You already know your market is moving fast. The only way for your organization to keep pace is to continuously experiment, learn and iterate.

Everything You Need For Your Innovation Practice

We are experts at innovation and product evolution.  We use Machine Learning to help you make better, more efficient decisions about projects and ideas.  Every business has a pipeline of projects underway. The Factory gives you the means to get them prioritized, assess the market, and develop a proof of concept. This is a lean innovation process supported by data analysis, innovation partners and a repeatable approach.

Moving ideas forward means doing efficient, inexpensive experiments to decide if it is worth your company's time to move forward. Amazon does it- so should you!

“If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness."    - Jeff Bezos

Fast Track is our Core Lean Innovation Approach

Fast Track is a 5 step approach that will help you know if an idea should move forward, be put on hold or tossed. The steps include a "Lean Canvas" to get alignment on the problem, goal setting and risk analysis.  We will help you to understand the ecosystem of the opportunity, where are the competitors and how the market feels about your offering.  We find the best solution partners, understand competitors and the evolution of the ecosystem by using our Innovation Scout platform.  We bring together startups, university research and other open innovation partners - and use Artificial Intelligence to match your business opportunity with the best partners.

We tailor a Fast Track program for your specific needs. Perhaps you already have a project defined and only need Innovation Scouting and Assessment. We fit our Fast Track innovation services to fit your needs.

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