More than ever before companies are working with startups and other participants in the Innovation Marketplace to help them reach their innovation goals faster and with less risk.  Startups help companies like yours see what is possible with emerging technologies and a fresh new approach to the market. The Innovation Scout is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps corporations to discover, engage and run pilots with startups and open research. What is special about our platform is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to match relevant startups with corporate business challenges.

Why Work With Startups?

Industries are being disrupted by startups. 82% of businesses believe working with Startups is "somewhat critical" to their business. Business models have become transitory. There is no systematic or cost-effective way for corporations to find, test, and integrate emerging technologies and new business models. As an example, the Financial Services industry stands to lose $150B to Startups in the coming years. Corporations and Startups are working together in new important ways. Working with Startups and other available intellectual property allows corporations to innovate cost effectively and recognize gains within shorter intervals. Startups get to market more quickly and give mature businesses a front row seat to new ideas.

Meet the Team

The Innovation Scout team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and university academics.

Annette Tonti

atonti-color-150x150CEO and Co-Founder, Annette Tonti is an executive with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. As founder and CEO of 2 high-tech startups, she has developed early stage businesses and raised over $30M from Venture and Angel investors. Early in her career she delivered digital strategies to Fortune 1000 businesses, ran a global program for the MIT Media Labs and headed up operations for a global telecommunications consultancy.

Michael Glavich

Business Acceleration Expert, Michael delivers a unique combination of digital strategy, marketing, and whole-product development that seeks to “change the playing field”, creating unique and unbeatable competitive advantage. His background includes business acceleration consulting at Diamond Technology, Index and most recently; a combination start-up factory and global think-tank. He has spent a lifetime creating innovative new ways to grow successful businesses and representing the thought-leadership service offerings from ten of the top fifty living business thinkers in the world. Michael is the driver behind much of our content on the Innovation Factory and our Innovation Ecosystem series. Trusted advisor to C-Level executives, he is an expert on business acceleration and finding gold in an otherwise chaotic marketspace.

Anurag Ahuja

 Rapid Design, Rapid Development, Product Builder, With 20+ years digital strategy, transformation and innovation experience under his belt, Anurag founded MarketGoal with a simple vision – to convert the pain point of Implementation & DevOps into a competitive advantage for businesses. A seasoned entrepreneur and advisor, Anurag works with senior-management & C-level executives drive their organizations to achieve digital transformation goals. He focuses on businesses & start-ups in Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Ecommerce to develop digital transformation portfolios and help drive their initiatives from concept-through-launch. Anurag is an innovation practitioner who puts product management front and center. He has built 20+ platforms in his career as product engineer, market strategist and lead executive on the engagement.

Vernon Rauch

img_0416-e1466612288432-150x150CTO and Co-Founder, Vernon is a serial entrepreneur with the operational leadership and clarity in business vision that allows him to conceive and execute on business strategies and new business opportunities. Vernon has a deep understanding of the objectives, priorities, and challenges facing contemporary business executives, with an equally deep understanding of emerging technologies, new business models and the startup community.

Joseph Jaffe

Thought Leader, Founder Evol8tion One of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and thought leaders on innovation, marketing, new media and social media, Joseph Jaffe is Founder and CEO of Evol8tion, an innovation agency that connects early stage startups with established brands to partner via acceleration, pilot programs and/or investment. Evol8tion’s clients include Mondelez International, Kraft Foods, Time Warner Cable, Zenith Optimedia and Jarden Consumer Solutions. Joe has published 4 books including "Life after the 30-second spot", "Join the Conversation", "Flip the Funnel,” and "Z.E.R.O." Joseph’s impassioned and straight-shooting perspectives have found their way to every major media outlet, including the likes of CBS, ABC, Bloomberg, NPR, WSJ, New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Ad Age, Adweek and more.

Brad Power

Bradford PowerLean Startup, Process Innovation Expert, As one of the original thought-leaders behind the concepts of business reengineering; Brad Power is a global subject matter expert on Lean Startup, Process Innovation and Digital Strategy Transformation. Mr. Power’s consulting and research expertise has resulted in more than 86 articles published in Harvard Business Review focusing on the future of innovation, digital strategy and continuous, agile process. From his early days working with Michael Hammer in the 1990s to his more recent experience at the Lean Enterprise Institute, Brad has had a passion for developing continuous improvement as an element of corporate culture. Brad has international experience in 18 countries and across many industries. He has worked on reengineering initiatives – large and small – as well as on a number of successful digital strategy transformation projects.


Dr. Lutz Hamel

lutz-hamelMachine Learning and Big Data Advisor, Dr. Hamel is Associate Professor Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Rhode Island.  A veteran software professional, computer scientist, and author with more than 30 years of professional and academic experience.  He is the author of the industry leading book “Knowledge Discovery with Support Vector Machines” published by Wiley.  In addition to his book, Dr. Hamel has over 50 publications in the areas of programming languages, machine learning, and data mining.

Dr. Nick VItalari

Nicholas VitalariThought Leader, Educator and Health Care Expert, A pioneer in the evolution of Digital Strategy, Dr. Vitalari is the co-author of the global best-selling book: The Elastic Enterprise: The New Manifesto for Business Revolution. Dr. Vitalari’s work focuses on corporate reinvention, emerging global business models, innovation, and collaboration across the public, private and academic sectors. With over 25 years of experience; he has served the Fortune 500, major agencies in the U.S. Federal Government and currently serves as Advisory Board Member for the UC Irvine Center for Digital Transformation and, Senior Fellow and Professor for the Carlson School of Management, Univ. of Minn. Reflecting his expertise in how technology will impact industry, his most recent articles focus on the future of Healthcare and have been published in the American Journal of Medical Research. 

Jonathan Trabucco

Data Engineer, Entrepreneur, Jonathan is our secret weapon on data aggregation. He is an entrepreneur and recent graduate from University of Rhode Island with a degree in Physics. He started his own business to radically change the way real estate agents work by giving them insights they can use.  Jonathan can tell you with good predictable certainty, which family is about to move in any given neighborhood. Using predictive modeling algorithms, he uses real time market dynamics to predict which properties are most likely to become new inventory. This is made possible by innovative trend identification and modeling using a web harvested, database of over 250 variables for each property in an entire state.