More than ever before companies are working with startups to help them reach their innovation goals.  Startups help companies like yours see what is possible with new technologies and a fresh approach to the market.  Funding accelerators or implementing a "Lean Startup"  approach is all the rage. Everyone is joining the movement.  Now you can too.

How Do You Pick Startups That Will Matter To Your Business?

Our Innovation Scout program applies real 'smarts' to this problem.  We match startups to your business by using our artificial intelligence matching engine.  Think Internet Dating for Startups and big companies. By understanding your vision and strategy we match startups that make sense for your business.  Our platform will help you find, monitor and engage with startups that will make a difference to your business.

Collaborating with startups gives your company a competitive edge for entering new markets, unleashing new product innovation, and ensuring strong growth well into the future.

Why Work With Startups?86

Industries are being disrupted by startups. Business models have become transitory. There is no systematic or cost-effective way for corporations to find, test, and integrate emerging technologies and new business models. As an example, the Financial Services industry stands to lose $150B to Startups in the coming years.

How Do You Find Startups To Work With Today?

Ever try to find a company that might help your business to grow in 3 to 5 years?  You might ask an Investment Banker or a Venture Capitalist for their opinion. That's what you will get - a company that they know about, that they are happy to 'sell'.  You won't be looking at all of the options that way.  Innovation Scout will select from our database of over 300,000 startups to select those startups that match your requirements.  We'll rank them and give you the opportunity to dig deeper and even connect with the founders.

Meet the Team

The Innovation Scout team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and university academics.  We are bringing innovation to innovation.

Annette Tonti - Co-Founder & CEO

atonti-color-150x150Annette Tonti is an executive with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. As founder and CEO of 2 high-tech startups, she has developed early stage businesses and raised over $30M from Venture and Angel investors. Early in her career she delivered digital strategies to Fortune 1000 businesses, ran a global program for the MIT Media Labs and headed up operations for a global telecommunications consultancy.

Vernon Rauch - Co-Founder & CTO

img_0416-e1466612288432-150x150Vernon is a serial entrepreneur with the operational leadership and clarity in business vision that allows him to conceive and execute on business strategies and new business opportunities. Vernon has a deep understanding of the objectives, priorities, and challenges facing contemporary business executives, with an equally deep understanding of emerging technologies, new business models and the startup community.

Lutz Hamel - Machine Learning & Big Data Advisor

lutz-hamelDr. Hamel is Associate Professor Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Rhode Island.  A veteran software professional, computer scientist, and author with more than 30 years of professional and academic experience.  He is the author of the industry leading book “Knowledge Discovery with Support Vector Machines” published by Wiley.  In addition to his book, Dr. Hamel has over 50 publications in the areas of programming languages, machine learning, and data mining.

Michael Glavich

Michael delivers a unique combination of digital strategy, marketing, and whole-product development that seeks to “change the playing field”, creating unique and unbeatable competitive advantage. His background includes business acceleration consulting at Diamond Technology, Index and most recently; a combination start-up factory and global think-tank. He has spent a lifetime creating innovative new ways to grow successful businesses and representing the thought-leadership service offerings from ten of the top fifty living business thinkers in the world.