How do you work with startups and entrepreneurs to power your Innovation initiatives?

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Fast Track to Innovation is a 12-week program that will take your team from idea to solution fast. We start by working with you to define a focused project or challenge. Our innovation services use the Scout Innovation Canvas to define projects that are well suited for Fast Track. Next, we scout for solution partners that 'fit' your project. After a deep-dive assessment of each company, we'll make appropriate selections to be part of a 'final round' pitch competition. Your team participates in this process the whole way. At the end of the program, you will have 1-3 startups to work with and a plan for a pilot initiative.  We will tailor a Fast Track program for your specific needs. Perhaps you already have a project defined and only need Innovation Scouting and Assessment. We fit our Fast Track innovation services to fit your specific needs.

Who is this program for?

If you need to address difficult deadlines, reach a new market or think that a new business model will work better than what you are doing today, Fast Track is a program that will work for you. If your market is being 'atomized' by startups, this program is for you. What's different about our approach?  The Innovation Scout platform. You will have full access to the platform in order to Discover, Assess and Engage with Startups and other players in the Innovation Marketplace. We use artificial intelligence to drive the best answers for you.

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Fast Track for Innovation

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