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Innovation Services - Just When You Need Them

We've worked with many product and innovation teams. We recognize that schedules are tight and often your team is overwhelmed to get everything done on time. Often Innovation projects are 'on top of' your day job!  This is why we offer Innovations Scout Services.

Will fill in the most critical needs for your product innovation activities:

Data Services - pulling data sources together, enriching the data to address the problem being solved and data insights. Our data services will also help you to get prepared for machine learning activities.
Design Thinking - We are design thinking experts. We bring design thinking workshops and practices to your product or general innovation programs.
RADAR Tech Scouting - Scouting is in our DNA. We are expert innovation scouts. RADAR is a program that delivers curated startups and other innovations that address a specific emerging technology or business area. We use our platform to deliver the best global view of 'outside' innovation that is changing the market. You'll get a custom report and a 'refresh' of activity each month.

Our Innovation Services will cut the time and cost it takes to get your projects completed.

Our experts work with your team and present a cost effective way to add capabilities as you need them. Contact us now to find out how we can augment your team with experts, take the risks out of getting your innovation projects done and help to move company growth forward now.

Need a report on an Industry, Technology or company?

The Scout Report

Scout Report is a customized report, ready for your team within days. Get a better understanding of startup forces at play within your industry or have us give you a view of emerging technology that will change the way your customers work, play and buy.

Interested in Scout Services?

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