Scout Assess

Scout Assessment

Assessing relevant Startups and finding the best 'fit' for your organization is the key to future growth success.

That's our mission - to help you find growth through open innovation possibilities.

Getting into the trenches with startups can be a difficult task.  Scout Assess services establishes a frame work by which all innovation aspirations and efforts can move forward. Which company is the best fit to fulfill your challenge?  Our Assessment Services is exactly what you need.

We'll provide a customized Innovation Assessment Tool to measure each startup result based on the specific needs of the future product or business. We will provide an assessment report based on the specific goals of your organization. This is the time to consider the fit with your organization in terms of culture, technology, talent and customers. We will make contact with the startups and do the one-on-one ‘live’ survey with each startup team.  Then we’ll create a final report that will give you all of the details and a top line, quantified ranking of each of the startups based on your challenge/opportunity.

The Scout Assess service is our comprehensive program for getting innovation on track and finding alternative options for your business this quarter.

We are Lean Startup™ experts and will bring our best to help you define the customer and connect with them to develop ‘segments of opportunities’. We’ll develop market size, market trends and competitor matrix. Armed with understanding the potential business or product, the problem statements and vision will be used to complete your Innovation Profile.

From here you can decide to test your new offering and be in market within weeks.


  • Custom Innovation Assessment tool
  • Innovation Profile (Customers & Problem Statements)
  • Custom Startup Survey
  • Market Size
  • Market Forces & Competitors
  • Multi-page report showing Startups with potential to solve for the problem area

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