The Scout Report


Sometimes you need an in-depth, up-to-date view of a particular market area or emerging technology.  With The Scout Report we'll listen to your needs, understand your goals and priorities and create a comprehensive report.  The report will give you a list of relevant Startups in your defined 'profile'.  We'll give you an overall assessment of the market in terms of timing, risks, competitors and opportunities.

In just a few days you'll receive a full custom report about a particular challenge area.  It's perfect for project planning and to get a 'second opinion' about an innovation area.  The Scout Report will help your project get off on the right foot.


  • Innovation Challenge
  • Multi-page report showing Startups with potential in the challenge arena
  • An overview of key trends and emerging tech that will affect this market space.
  • Market Assessment: Risks, Rewards, Competition, Timing

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